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Projects ■ Molecule 3D Localization for Super-resolution and Nanoscopy

Molecule 3D Localization for Super-resolution and Nanoscopy

This project aims to provide computational tools for 3D super-resolution to the LAMB group of the Nanophysics department.

One of the outcomes of this collaboration is a new procedure for the analysis of thick biological specimen (50–150 μm) by coupling far-field individual molecule localization with selective plane illumination microscopy (SPIM). This made possible to obtain a lateral localization precision of less than 35 nanometers and an axial localization precision of 65-140 nanometers depending on the characteristics of the sample.

In such context, PAVIS provides the computational tools used to perform the 3D localization of the molecules by analyzing the large number of images presenting the stochastic photoactivation of the individual molecules. Using image processing tools and non-linear regression over the given Point Spread Function of the activated molecules, it is possible to determine the position with a nanometric accuracy.

The overall process has a particular computational weight since the number of images to analyze may easily reach the thousands. Ongoing collaborations will aim to boost the computational tools for the Nanophysics department in terms of computational efficiency and accuracy. In particular, we are studying approaches to go towards live imaging of thick biological specimen which will provide a considerable impact on the way life scientist will analyze biological samples.



  • F. Cella Zanacchi, Z. Lavagnino, M. Perrone Donnorso, A. Del Bue, L. Furia, M. Faretta, A. Diaspro
    "Live-cell 3D super-resolution imaging in thick biological samples"
    Nature Methods, 2011, Vol. 8 1047–-1049

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