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Hydraulic rotary servo valve

Yousheng YANG, Emanuele GUGLIELMINO, Gianluca PANE, Claudio SEMINI, Darwin G. CALDWELL, "Servovalvola rotativa, particolarmente di tipo idraulico" (Miniature electro-hydraulic valve particularly for water hydraulics). Patent Number: TO2009A000271

This patent describes a novel rotary hydraulic servo valve, in which, the spool is rotationally fitted within the step-bore and it has one end coupled to a DC motor so that the DC motor can drivingly rotate the spool relative to the cylinder chamber. The spool, which composes of two cylinders, has two special grooves: one is connected to a horizontal hole on the boundary of the two cylinders and the other groove is connected to the other end of the spool (A port) by an angled hole, and thus two fluid passages are established between P→A and B→T or P→B and A→T. A small cylinder is on the A-fitting, which insert into the groove on the end of the spool so as to control the range of the rotary angle.

Project Page
Water Hydraulic Environmentally Friendly Actuation

Last Updated on Tuesday, 21 April 2009 07:59

Linear actuator and rehabilitation device

Jody A. Saglia, Nikos G. Tsagarakis, Jian S. Dai and Darwin G. Caldwell,, "Attuatore Lineare e Dispositivo di Riabilitazione Incorporante Tale Attuatore (Linear actuator and rehabilitation device which incorporates such actuator)",  Patent Number: I0134434.

This patent describes a new highly efficient cable-driven, yet compact, linear actuator that combines high force capacity with low friction and high back-drivability. The system makes use of a capstan mechanism to convert the rotatory motion of a brushed DC electric motor to the linear motion of the actuator piston. The linear actuator is designed to be integrated in a platform type robot meant to serve as an ankle rehabilitation tool. The rehabilitation device is composed of three linear actuators connected to a fixed base and a moving platform which is linked to a rigid strut by means of a universal joint. The redundant actuation allows to control orientation and stiffness of the moving platform, at the same time.

Project Page
Redundantly Actuated Parallel Mechanism of Ankle Rehabilitation

Last Updated on Wednesday, 11 April 2012 17:03

Elastic rotary actuator

N.G.Tsagarakis , Matteo Laffranchi , Bram Vanderborght and D.G.Caldwell , "Attuatore rotante elastico, particolarmente per applicazioni robotiche, e metodo per il suo controllo" (Elastic rotary actuator, particularly for robotic applications, and method for its control),  Patent  Number: TO2009A000257.


This patent introduces the development of a new compact soft actuation unit intended to be used in multi degree of freedom and small scale robotic systems. Compared to the other existing series elastic linear or rotary implementations the proposed design shows high integration density and wider passive deflection. The miniaturization of the newly developed high performance unit was achieved with a use of a new rotary spring module based on a novel arrangement of linear springs. The model and the control scheme of the actuator are described. The proposed control scheme is a velocity based controller that generates command signals based on the desired simulated stiffness using the spring deflection state.

Project Page
Compliant Actuation

Last Updated on Friday, 22 January 2010 09:54


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