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Labs ■ Haptic and Interaction Technologies

Haptic and Interaction Technologies





Interaction between humans and machines, particularly safe interaction, is a critical aspect of robotic technology development. In the IIT group the strategic aim is the development of high fidelity user interfaces for telepresence and teleoperation that can rival the human hand in terms of manipulating dexterity.
The sense of touch is crucial in any kind of tele/virtual training or teleoperation procedures as these actions require the user to extensively engage his hand and fingers. In the recent years the rapid improvements in hardware and software to provide effective force/touch feedback has led to the development of generic haptic devices that have been applied in various multimodal systems ranging from training simulators, to teleoperation and VR environments.
The integration and the mode of interacting of the various input and feedback cues in those multi-modal environments is a fundamental area of research. How the user reacts, in behaviour, physiologically and physically, are key points for the evaluation of the level of engagement. The current research within the area of interaction encompasses;

  • The development of hardware systems and software techniques for the simultaneous display of cutaneous and kineathesic experiences eg Tactile sensing and feedback, high precision tracking
  • The development of multimodal telepresence, virtual presence and haptic interaction paradigms
  • The application of these technologies in human computer interactions and human centred robotics and the key psycho-physical testing of the experiences created
  • Human Force Augmentation Exoskeletons for Lower Body, Arm, Hand
  • High Fidelity Tracking Systems
  • The development and design of a novel test apparatus, as the DITA (Dynamic Investigation Test-rig on hAptics), whose aim is measurement of the tactile sensitivity and other several of biometric parameters for determining the peripheral neuropathies of a subjects.


fig1 tactile feedback device


Research areas and projects

Human perception and performance with tactile feedback devices
Development of Tactile Feedback Devices
Development of Force Feedback Devices
Development of Sensing Technologies
Haptics for Virtual Reality and Teleoperation
Haptics for medical applications
DITA (Dynamic Investigation Test-rig on hAptics)

European Projects



Nikos Tsagarakis (Senior Researcher)
Ioannis Sarakoglou (Senior Post Doc)
Nadia Garcia-Hernandez (Senior Post Doc)
Ferdinando Cannella (Researcher)

Facilities and Resources


PhD openings

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