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Technology Transfer

Technology Transfer

IIT has a recognized leadership in the developments of Humanoids Robotic technologies: iCub, Coman and the SoftHand are among the most significant examples.

These technologies are particularly suited to be transferred in applications and devices for the medical field: in recent years many robotic devices, such as exoskeletons and rehabilitation platforms, were developed inside IIT labs integrating different know-how in robotics, biomechanics, physiotherapy and neuroscience.

IIT is focusing within the Rehab Technologies Facility, in agreement with INAIL, all the development activities to transfer humanoid technologies into devices for the market.

The research team is developing three device lines aimed to be commercialized into the market in the next three years:

  • Prosthetics: a polyarticulated hand and aprosthetics systems control based on EMG advanced techniques
  • Orthotic: an exoskeleton for patients with spinal cord injuries

The product commercialization will be given to an IIT start-up which will inherit the IIT-INAIL research activity done from 2013.

The goal is to develop “Made in Italy” technologies and devices, to be produced and marketed at competitive costs, sustainable both for the National Health System and patients. The start-up will target both Italian and International market.

The first result is the polyarticulated and polyfunctional hand realized by IIT and INAIL. The hand is still in a pre-clinical testing phase with patients.

The hand should be available for the market, after completing the clinical trials and the industrialization  phase, starting from 2017. 

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