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Project Seed Results

On the 15th December 2009 the evaluation procedure for the Project Seed was closed.
At the call deadline (29th July 2009) 234 complete projects had been submitted.
The valuation procedure was performed by 40 scientists with an extremely high level of experience from an Italian and international background, divided into specific panels for each platform.
The valuation was structured into two phases. On the basis of the valuation criteria specified in the call a short list of projects was created from those projects with a score equal to or above 80%.
The short list was made up of 57 projects, equivalent to the top 24% of the proposals submitted.
In the second phase the 57 projects were again analysed by using a mix of the various panels bearing in mind the strategy of each proposal in particular relation to the IIT scientific plan.
Following this second analysis, the evaluation committee suggested to finance at least the top 15% of projects due to the very high quality of the proposals submitted. Therefore out of the 234 proposals submitted, 37 were considered suitable for financing.
The overall procedure lasted 20 weeks.

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