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IIT is pleased to announce 1ø PLUS-VIPS School for  Advanced Courses on Computer Vision, Image Processing, and Pattern Recognition.

This course is an introduction to Social Signal Processing, the field aimed at bridging the social intelligence gap between people and machines. At its core, social intelligence consists of sensing nonverbal behavioral cues displayed by people around us (facial expressions, gestures, vocalizations, postures), interpreting these cues in terms of social signals (relational attitudes like interest, hostility, empathy, agreement and disagreement, or dominance), and displaying as a response natural, consistent behaviors (interest for those we are interested in, or hostility for those we are hostile to).

From a scientific point of view, this results into three core objectives:
  1. Detection of nonverbal behavioral cues using sensors including microphones, cameras, proximity detectors, or others
  2. Inference of social signals from nonverbal behavioral cues.
  3. Synthesis of social signals through different forms of embodiment in artificial agents, avatars, or synthetic voices.
The course focuses on the first two questions and provides an introduction to the main scientific and technological problems and the existing work for two major scenarios, namely face-to-face interactions (meetings, conversations, etc.) and large scale social interactions (daily life of populations sensed with mobile devices).

This interdisciplinary research has the potential of significantly advancing several domains related to automatic monitoring, including video surveillance, ambient intelligence, marketing, office space design, and architecture and urbanism.

To find out more and register plese visit the dedicated site:

D3 Launches! 9/4/10

On April 9th 2010 the Italian Institute of Technology will hold the official launch of the Drug Discovery and Development Unit, PharmaFuture 2010. Co-sponsored by BioCentury and SciBx, PharmaFuture 2010 will highlight promising developments in the field of pharma business and drug discovery. Key speakers include Bill Burns, former CEO of Roche Pharmaceuticals, and Sergio Dompé, President of Farmindustria. Click here for the event agenda.

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IITeam Volleyball

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NBT on YouTube!

Great new video up on IIT Video Channel showing the activities of the Neuroscience and Brain Technologies department. NBT On YouTube

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