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Events 2012

Microturbina and SEM+ wins innovation award

Premio Nazionale dell'Innovazione (PNI): Microturbina won for Cleantech category and SEM+ was awarded by Intel.

The tenth edition of the Premio Nazionale dell'Innovazione (PNI), the Italian national award for innovation, was held in Bari on November 29th and 30th, 2012, gathering the best start-up projects generated by Italian universities and incubators. Among the 64 competing projects, 4 were business ideas coming from IIT researchers: Microturbina, CompAct, Rehab Tech and SEM+.

Projects competed in four different categories: ICT & Social Innovation, Life Sciences, Cleantech & Agrofood and Industrial. The business plans, which draw from the results of academic research, faced with marketing and financing challenges. It has to be noted that the jury was comprised of major exponents from the business and finance fields.


Microturbina is the start-up project of Emanuele Guglielmino and Michele Focchi It is a coin-sized turbine, thus a microturbine, which is capable of delivering locally up to 30W of electrical power exploiting available pressurized air or water, with a useful life in excess of 10 years. The microturbine has been thought to either replace batteries or to recharge them in a hybrid configuration, and to reduce wiring, representing thus a patented cleantech energy harvesting solution.

Rehab Tech, created by researchers Jody Saglia and Lorenzo Masia, is a start-up project which aims at application of robotic technologies in motor rehabilitation while introducing a new treatment method for patients. Indeed, Rehab Tech allows modification of the traditional method based on patient-physiotherapist approach, providing an instrument capable of measuring patient’s motor rehabilitation in a continuous and objective manner and to adapt therapeutic exercise to actual disability conditions.

CompAct™ is a business idea realized by Matteo Laffranchi and Irene Sardellitti, aiming at introducing a new generation of human friendly robots that safely co-work with human operators. CompAct™ robots rely on lightweight structures and an innovative transmission system (protected by international patents) for safety and a user-friendly software interface to let the robot be used by non-specialized users.

SEM+ is a touch interface technology that can detect the positions of multiple contacts, like most common technologies, but adding the ability to detect how hard each contact is. It introduces thus a further level of interaction: the pressure of touch. Moreover SEM+ technology lets the touch sensing layer to be bendable, rollable without compromising its functionality, opening to new form factor devices.

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Robotica Expo 2012

IIT robotics was displayed during Robotica 2012, the Italian trade fair event in the field of humanoid and service robots, which took place from 7th  to 9th  November at Fieramilano, Rho (Milano, Italy), and was visited by 6,300 people.

iCub was the special testimonial of the event, representing the most advanced humanoid robot with cognitive skills in the world. iCub is able to learn from human behaviour, gaining cognitive abilities similar to those of a child. It can, for example, recognize and distinguish the shape of objects, touch them, grasp and pick them up.
At the IIT booth visitors had the opportunity to know more about both the iCub and the robotics that IIT researchers are developing. During the event different IIT inventions and projects were presented: the CompAct actuators for compliant robots, the WristBot and the Arbot for rehabilitating wrist and ankle movements, the EMG controlled hand exoskeleton for supporting humans in difficult or deficit actions, the advanced phonomicrosurgery laser technique of the EU MicroRalp project, the bio-inspired robotics of the hydraulic quadruped robot HyQ, the plant-like robotic root apex of the EU-FET Plantoid project and the artificial suckers of octopus.


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Researchers' Night 2012

On September 28th 2012, IIT contributed to the Researchers’ Night with various initiatives in Genoa and in Turin.

In Genoa, the researchers of the Nanophysics Department - Paolo Bianchini, Francesca Cella Zanacchi, Zeno Lavagnino and others, together with their director Alberto Diaspro, performed theatrical reading on the birth of the nanotechnology’s idea. They also gave a demonstration of intelligent materials as well as the most recent super microscopes which allow the study of natural or artificial molecules inside biological samples. Meanwhile different music bands composed by IIT researchers played their repertoire ranging from funky to ska, from punk rock to English progressive music and blues.

In Turin, the researchers of the IIT Centre for Space Human Robotics (CSHR) met the public at the IIT booth in Piazza Castello and also during the events of the “Scientific Café” and “Pizza with Prof”. At the CSHR booth, attendees had the chance to meet Alessandro Chiolerio, who develops nanostructured sensors, Marco Crepaldi, who works on microelectronics for wireless applications, and Tonia Tommasi with Diana Hidalgo, doctoral candidate, presenting the Microbial Fuel Cells. The Microbial Fuel Cells are a new system of fuel cells able to generate electric current by exploiting the digestion of organic material by micro-organisms. In the future this technology has the potential to be implemented for the usage of small-sized household electrical appliances or used as a portable energy source for robots.

For their communication activities, the CSHR researchers won the B.E.S.T. prize (Best Experience in Science Transfer) within the Piedmontese Researchers’ Night - SHARE. Selection criteria were: engagement, originality, results and sustainability.

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