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Results ■ Future Developments

Future Developments

The future research activity at Nanostructures Department will face the control of physical and chemical properties of the conceived nanostructures at nanoscale. In particular, the in house know how will be applied to the design, the fabrication, the chemical and physical characterization and the use of the devices in some specific application.

The following areas of research will be investigated:

  • Control of efficient delivering and exchange of energy to nanoscale including transport properties.
  • Design and development of new instrumentation (based on nanostructures), to obtain physical, chemical and biological information with spatial resolution between 10 nm and 1000 nm, with particular focus on SERS, SEIRA, THz scanning probe based, CARS, and SRS.  
  • Single molecule detection from highly diluted solutions in single and complex component mixture based on super hydrophobic substrate.
  • Single molecule detection in biological systems such as living cells and tissues.
  • Novel nanodevices with low background for enabling opto-genetic studies down to single molecule excitation.
  • Microfluids and optofluidics for the development of novel devices that combines Optical tweezers and microfulidics, applied to cellomic studies, such as Circulating Cancer Cells, for in vivo enrichment of serum for early cancer detection and drug delivery based on Si np.
  • Numerical simulation platform for device design and for inter-department numerical problem solver.

Last Updated on Friday, 20 April 2012 14:50


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