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Interdisciplinarity ■ Internal Collaborations

Internal Collaborations

Collaborations with other IIT departments

The strongest interaction is with the Nanochemistry Dept. and it is mainly devoted to the study of transport and optical properties of nanoparticles for future application of novel nanodetectors and photovoltaic devices. In the last year we defined a new inter-department platform for cell growth (neuron growth) or nanoparticle aggregation, based on superhydrophobic substrates. Due to low interaction with the substrate, this approach would allow the study of 3D growth, or would give information on the influence of third dimension in the growth process. For the nanochemistry these new findings are interesting in the view of controlling the aggregation of nanoparticles (nanorods) for optical and transport studies. The fascinating aspect of this idea is that the volume under control is contained in a drop of a diameter in the range of one mm. Moreover, the device can be fully combined with spectroscopy and other nanofabrication techniques.

The Nanostructures Department has also strong collaborations with other departments and centres of IIT:

  • Nanophysics Dept.: European project SMD (Single Molecule Detection), which regards the development of new devices and methodology for obtaining single molecule sensitivity on a nanometer spatial scale.
  • Neuroscience and Brain Technologies Dept.: European project FOCUS (Single Molecule Activation and Computing), about the excitation at level of single/few bio-molecule by means of light.
  • Neuroscience and Brain Technologies Dept.: Construction of nanocrystal films for neuron stimulation (Berdondini).
  • Robotics, Brain and Cognitive Science Dept.: Design of current amplifier for Scanning-photo-current-microscopy (Ricci and Electronics Lab staff).
  • Center of Nanoscience and Technology of IIT@Polimi (Milano): Optical characterization of ordered nanocrystal assemblies (Lanzani).
  • Center of Biomolecular Nanotechnology of IIT@Unisalento (Lecce): Femtojet deposition for self-assembled laser cavities (Pisignano).

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