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Group Workshops

Group Workshop Cavalese Spring 2012


The Nanostructures Department held its first internal workshop at the Parkhotel Azalea in the pretty mountain town Cavalese in the Italian region of Trentino. The scientific program expressed the full band with of the group's activity ranging from top-down fabrication of novel device architectures for nanoplasmonics to bottom-up approaches based on DNA origami, and covering fields as diverse as surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy, teraherz spectroscopy, superhydrophobic substrates for sensing, adiabatic light compression in nanosize plasmonic structures, theoretical modeling, and semiconductor nanocrystals for optoelectronic and photovoltaic applications. The presentations of the individual members and sub-groups stimulated interdisciplinary discussions and novel ideas that will pave the way for creative research in the future.

Besides the work, the time schedule allowed also to enjoy the spectacular mountain scenery by hiking or skiing, or to simply relax in the beautiful hotel garden or wellness area. Excellent food and "kicker" tournament rounded our stay up.

The workshop was made possible due to the kind support from the following companies: Raith, Gambetti, Kenosistec, FEI, Heidelberg Instruments, Lot-Oriel, Pra.Ma, and Crisel Instruments

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