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Interdisciplinarity ■ Internal Collaborations

Internal Collaborations

Collaborations with IIT Departments at the central labs in Genoa:

  • Nanophysics: ultrafast spectroscopy of hybrid nanostructures (A. Comin), two-photon confocal microscopy of quantum rods (P. Bianchini, A. Diaspro); synthesis and biofunctionalization of plasmonic nanorods and functionalization of conductive nanofibers with gold nanorods (A. Athanassiou); in-solution assembly of superparamagnetic nanoparticles (M. Allione); mechanical study of individual branched nanocrystals and of their films/assemblies (L. Ceseracciu, A. Barone).
  • Nanostructures: Transport in films of nanostructures and lasing from self-assembled microcavities of quantum rods (R. Krahne); SERS in silver decorated nanobeads (G. Das); Electron microscopy of DNA wires mounted on pillar nanostructures and of hippocampal neurons on super-hydrophobic nanostructured substrates (nanopillars) (M. Moretti).
  • Neuroscience and Brain Technologies: Immuno-SEM study of GABAergic receptors in mouse and rat hippocampal neuronal cultures (A. Barberis).
  • Drug Discovery and Development: Intracellular localization of phospholipase NAPE PLD in mammalian cells by cryo-immunoelectron microscopy (G. Garau).
  • Neuroscience and Brain Technologies /Nanophysics: in vitro study of nanorods with neurons (S. Dante, L. Berdondini, E. Petrini and A. Barberis).

Collaborations with IIT Centers:

  • IIT@Politecnico di Milano: ultrafast spectroscopy of nanoparticles (G. Lanzani).
  • IIT@Politecnico di Torino: ultrathin polymeric nanowires for sensor applications (V. Cauda).
  • IIT@Unisalento (Lecce): multibranched gold nanoparticles; in-tissue localization of gold nanoparticles for application in toxicity study on animal models (P. P. Pompa). Nanoparticles with neurons, photonic behavior of octapod superstructures (M. De Vittorio). Development of polymers nanocomposites for multi-functional applications and functionalization of cellulose fiber with magnetic and fluorescent nanocrystals (D. Fragouli). Development of polymer-nanocrystal fibers by electrospinning (D. Pisignano).
  • IIT@Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna (Pisa): TEM morphological and chemical analysis of different types of human cells after interaction with nanosized particles (G. Ciofani).

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