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Symposium at the 2015 E-MRS spring meeting

We are organizing a symposium at the next E-MRS 2015 spring meeting: Symposium I, Semiconductor Nanostructures towards Electronic and Optoelectronic Device Applications – V.

Summary of the symposium

This symposium is the fifth installment of a highly successful biennial series that began in 2007. It presents the latest research in semiconductor nanostructures and their applications in electronic, optoelectronic and photonic devices. It covers aspects from fundamental nanostructure fabrication and material development, to device integration and performance evaluation, with a balance between experimental work and theoretical research.

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Symposium at the next E-MRS spring

The nanochemistry department is co-organizing a symposium at the next E-MRS 2013 spring meeting: Symposium J, Semiconductor Nanostructures towards Electronic and Optoelectronic Device Applications – IV.

Summary of the symposium:
The Symposium goals are to cover all aspects from fundamental growth issues and material development, to interfaces, device integration and testing devices for electronics and optoelectronics applications.
This symposium will provide a platform to discuss novel nano-materials and new nano-device structures at different stages on their way towards applications. These will includes, but are not limited to, the latest developments of novel nanostructures relevant to lasers, photodetectors, optical amplifiers, communications and information processing, optical switches, waveguides, sensors, renewable energy, biomedecine as well as new device applications based on such nanostructures including nanolasers and single photon sources.
To bring insight into fundamental materials and interfaces issues as well as device design, functionality, and device physics, the symposium will gather researchers working in academia and industry to stimulate interactions among scientists, engineers, students working on various aspects of semiconductor nanostructures and their applications. Targeting this outcome, we aim at organising each session to associate experimental, computational modelling and theoretical presentations to complement one another and to create long-lasting opportunities of scientific interactions between attendees.

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Outreach Activities

Early in 2011 the Nanochemistry Department, in the framework of the midterm meeting of the European Project MAGNIFYCO, organized a workshop on “Magnetic Nanocontainers for Combined Hyperthermia and Controlled Drug Release”. Several experts in the field were invited and the workshop served as a forum for the exchange of ideas and as leverage for initiation of several fruitful scientific collaborations.

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