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Robotics Brain and Cognitive Sciences

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Eurohead: year 1997, LIRA-Lab, University of Genoa, ITALY. This was mounted on a spider-like robot to inspect ship sections under construction for defects. It was built to guarantee zero backlash and accuracy to allow 3D steroscopic measurements.
Babybot: year 1996-2004, LIRA-Lab, University of Genoa, ITALY. Developmental robotics experiments. Babybot was used to study sensorimotor and cognitive development in humans as the route towards AI. The Babybot consists of a robot arm (6 degrees of freedom - dof), head (5 dof), hand (6 dof), and torso (1 dof).
the Cog head: year 1999, MIT AI-Lab, Cambridge, MA, USA. 7 degrees of freedom, 4 cameras, gyroscopes. Cog is a humanoid robot project started at MIT between 1995 and 2003.
James: year 2003, LIRA-Lab, University of Genoa, ITALY. Anthropomorphic upper torso. James was designed at LIRA-Lab in 2003 and has been in use until 2010. Main research theme was the study of reaching, grasping and manipulation in robots. Characteristics: tendon driven, dexterous hand.

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