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About ■ Evaluation


The international character of the Institute places qualitative as well as quantitative verification and evaluation processes for research activities at the centre of scientific planning and human resource improvement. An external Evaluation Committee periodically verifies the achievement of scientific objectives and the adoption of management measures for the attainment of international standards. This activity runs alongside the internal evaluation of the staff according to the Management by Objective model (MBO), and the departmental evaluation of research accomplishments according to the milestones and deliverables set in the scientific plan.

Here follows a list of key periodical evaluations:

Yearly “Top-down” Individual Evaluation

Based on bibliometrical data (50%), tech transfer (25%), fund raising and team building capabilities (25%). MBO can be up to 20% of the annual gross salary.

Three-yearly Departmental Evaluation

  • 14 on site visits since 2008
  • Evaluation Panel composed by: STC Chairman, STC members and external international experts

Evaluation of Foundation

  • 3 since 2006
  • Evaluation Committee (external scientists and managers)

National Agency for the Evaluation of the University System and Research (ANVUR) 2013 (

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